One of the issues with crypto for the entire world to understand is that because there is money in mining it creates or fuels hackers motivation.  It’s like hackers on steroids because it’s so easy to make money anomalously.  Basically what is going on is that these hackers are injecting malware on computers all over the world so that they can run mining software in the background without the owner ever knowing.  The nice thing is that they aren’t stealing anything and they have more interest in stealing computer CPU power than your credit card.  Why waste time and energy stealing credit card numbers or personal information when they can just mine for gold and make the money easily.

What happened this week was malware was injected into some advertisements on Googles ad network and the ads got displayed on youtube.  Bingo malware injected on surfers using YouTube.  Crypto mining software installed.  The thing about mining is that it eats up resources and electricity.  This is why transactions also take a while.  Why spend your own money on computers and electricity when you can hack computers all over the world to do it for free.

The fact that Google got hit this week proves that no one is immune.  If the best computer scientists in the world are vulnerable so are you.