What Is Bitcoin?
What is Bitcoin backed by?
Who is in charge?
How is the value determined?
Can I trade the coins?
Is it safe?
Is it legal?
What is the collateral behind bitcoin?
How do I trade it?
What happens after I make a purchase?
Can I deposit it into my checking or brokerage account?
What is the lowest amount I can buy?
What happens if I lose a bitcoin?
Are purchases of bitcoin anonymous?
Where does the money go?
Can I cash bitcoins in when ever I want?
Can someone steal my coins?
What is the difference between bitcoin and cryptocurrency?
Why does the price change so much?
Is there any specific person influencing the price?
Is this a bubble like the dotcom or realestate market?
What are the risks?
How high will the value of bitcoin go?
Do I need to spend all that money to buy a hardwallet?
What's the cheapest way to invest in bitcoin?
When will the government start to regulate it?
Will crypto replaces US dollars?
Can a crash in bitcoins create a recession?
Is there a reason to use bitcoin instead of a credit card?
Does the IRS require you to pay taxes on profits from Bitcoin sales?


Can I invest in crypto without buying the actual coins?
Can I get Bitcoin from my bank?
What happens after the 21 Million Bitcoin supply limit is reached?
How many people own bitcoin?
How is Bitcoin mined?
How many bitcoins currently exist?

Check yahoo for latest prices and coin numbers.