What is Stellar?

Originally developed off the Ripple platform. It was formed off a fork of Ripple. Stellar was created to be a financial payment platform. To this date, there have been over 8 Billion Stellar Lumens delivered.

Why Use It?

Major Features

Remittances (fast)
Micropayments (almost free)
Services For The Underbanked
Mobile Money and Mobile Branches
Professional Setup


Patrick Collison (CEO of Stripe)
Matt Mullenweg (Founder of WordPress)
Naval Ravikant (Founder of AngelList)
Sam Altman (President of Y Combinator)
Joyce Kim (director of MIT Media Lab)


Stellar reached top 10 cryptocurrencies to begin 2018. It was founded in early 2014 after the Ripple code was rewritten due to a flaw in the protocol. Ripple has challenged the notion of a flaw existing.

How It Works

With a partnership with IBM payments are being done in record times across boarders especially in Asia. Hyperledger Fabric builds an open source blockchain tool to support payment infrastructures allowing for local markets to exchange the digital currency into local currency.